A New Way of Thinking

When the “emergency” of hunger has lasted over three decades, and with strong evidence that food insecurity is associated with chronic health problems, it is time to rethink the way we provide food assistance and time to examine the effectiveness of food pantries. Through our work, we are changing the conversation about hunger away from emergency food to a person-centered and strength-based approach to help empower people to set and achieve goals in their life. 

Bible Way Food Pantry, Hartford, CT

Bible Way Food Pantry, Hartford, CT

By providing a framework and tools to build capacity within food pantries, together we can change the way we address the problem of hunger.

Success requires a new way of thinking about hunger. The More Than Food framework is a paradigm shift.  We are challenging the status quo of serving more food to more people every year. We disagree with the idea that empty calories are a good solution to hunger. We advocate for outcomes related to food security, health and stability rather than simply measuring number of people served and pounds of food delivered. 

We promote an alternative to the emergency food delivery system to address the root causes of poverty. Change will not happen overnight and it certainly will not happen without your help. Together we can create a movement. We welcome you to join our network to change the way we think about hunger.