More Than Food is a framework for building capacity in food banks and food pantries to more effectively address the root causes of food insecurity. The More Than Food framework includes three continuums for helping clients improve health, food security and life stability. Each continuum has five levels, which differ in their complexity and impact. Through a collaborative effort, we provide practical tools, training materials and guidance to help pantries build capacity.  The goal is to help pantries operate at the highest level possible on each continuum.

The Role of Advocacy

While our framework is largely person-centered and uses individual behavior change theories, we know that food insecurity will not be solved solely by individual approaches.  Advocating for policy changes and systems change are necessary to create a more just food system and to provide opportunities for individuals to become self-sufficient. 
It takes more than food to end hunger.  The More Than Food framework is a paradigm shift away from short-term approaches, which has the potential to shed light on the larger systems change needed to provide long-term food security and life stability.  For example, it will require improved policies for higher living wages, affordable housing, and stronger safety nets. 

Because it takes more than food to end hunger.