The More than Food framework was developed through a collaboration of experts in food security and collective impact.

Katie S. Martin, Ph.D.

Foodshare Institute For Hunger Research & Solutions, Executive Director

Katie has spent her professional career focused on food security and access to healthy food in community settings. She has examined associations between food insecurity and obesity, social capital, food assistance program participation and food consumption patterns. She was the Principal Investigator of the randomized control study to evaluate Freshplace, and developed the stoplight nutrition system called SWAP (Supporting Wellness at Pantries). Through the Institute, Katie collaborates with Feeding America and food banks around the country to develop long-term solutions to hunger.

Katie earned her Ph.D. from Tufts University, School of Nutrition Science and Policy. She and her team at Foodshare can provide training and evaluation for other organizations who want to offer More than Food or utilize SWAP in their work.

For questions about using the More than Food program in your work, or for trainings and consulting opportunities, please contact Katie at

Jessica Sanderson, Ph.D., LMFT

Urban Alliance, Senior Director of Research and Strategy

Jessica holds a doctoral degree from the University of Connecticut's Human Development and Family Studies program with a concentration in marriage and family therapy. At Urban Alliance, Jessica oversees all Urban Alliance human service initiatives, including Beyond the Basics, which helps people achieve greater stability in their lives by collaboratively increasing the impact of local food, clothing and housing services. Through Beyond the Basics, Urban Alliance supports food pantries that implement the More than Food framework, including consultation, technical assistance and supervision provided by Jessica to pantries that offer case management. For more information about Urban Alliance initiatives, visit  

For more information about training in Motivational Interviewing or to learn more about the Beyond the Basics program at Urban Alliance, please contact Jessica at

Angela Colantonio, MPH, CPH

Urban Alliance, Director of Implementation, Health & Basic Needs Initiatives

Angela holds a Master of Public Health from the University of Connecticut and contributed to the original evaluation of Freshplace as a research assistant for Dr. Katie Martin. At Urban Alliance, Angela works alongside Jessica to support organizations that participate in Urban Alliance’s health and basic needs initiatives. Angela helps manage initiative activities, including the implementation of the More than Food framework, in several food pantries that participate in Beyond the Basics.